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Case study - December 2008:
Recently we designed the website The goal of Pip Cop is to provide Forex investment "robot" reviews in a way that was not being provided by anyone else.

While there are hundreds of Forex robot review sites, we felt that none were doing a very good job at it. Most sites that had robot reviews were thinly veiled affiliate marketing sites, followed no best practices, were badly laid out, and had poor internal marketing.

The first step we took was to pick a color scheme and layout that communicated trust and honesty to visitors while also making it easy to use the site. While the orange scheme was not our first pick, it fit into the project budget so it was used. We then modified the template to have an optimal information and advertising layout.

Layout is just as important - if not more. We spent several weeks trying specific layouts of nearly all elements on most major areas of the site, such as the home page, forums home, links directory, glossary, and user control panels. In the end, the layout allows visitors to quickly and easily get to the information they need. This can be evidenced by the log files showing most users get to their end page within 2 clicks. In addition, we utilize revolutionary tracking tools that allow us to record visitor sessions on the site and playback an approximation of their mouse movements to see how they use the pages.

The next step was to build the systems that would provide dynamic content to the site, while preventing blatant piracy of said content. This was done by creating automated PHP scripts which read financial statements which are uploaded to the server, parsing them for specific bits of information, and then creating a web page that updates dynamically on a set schedule.

We then protected that content using our extensive knowledge of server setups to prevent people from stealing the statements and posting them on their own websites, or directly linking to them and not including the Pip Cop reivew.

The next step was to focus on a set of keywords and descriptions to best describe the site, while also giving the highest ranking on search engines. While many web design consultants will tell you they have a great theory, and load your site up with SEO content, we have found an excellent approach which has serves our projects well.

As a result, Pip Cop is either ranked #1, or is on the first page of results for the following search engines: This was achieved in less than 3 months! (We converted PipCop on 9/21/2008 and as of 12/10/2008 those rankings stand.) Notice how we even beat out websites with domain names like "" and "" with our exceptional techniques.

After that we focused on providing a steady revenue stream for the site. The first tool is the effective use of Google ads. The next was to create a multi-tiered program that allows visitors to donate or advertise on the site. Finally, we developed a nicely integrated affiliate marketing program which is minimally intrusive. These revenue streams combined work to help support the ongoing investment review programs that PipCop offers. At this point, the initial revenue generated has offset nearly 50% of the start up costs with the site, and appears to be on track to provide some of the best investment robot reviews possible.

Bottom line? One Web Ave makes successful and profitable sites - quickly and easily.

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